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#7532 - 04/12/08 05:24 AM Re: any interest in a Satanic Grotto? [Re: Octavius]
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Jesus fucking Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You think it fucking matters what kind of ink you guys use to copy verbatim some crappy words written down in the 60's?

Okay, if you really do care... why don't you use your own blood? Would that be gross and gothic enough? You can get syringes, can't you?

How about "Lampblack"? Have you ever tried to make your own "ink"? You could use all the wonderful herbs you want, black the end of a spoon with this shit, collect it, and use a media, or medium or your choice to craft this oh so wonderful act of plagiarism.

There have been great artists, and I mean "great", that have "made" their own "oils" - why would you ever buy shit from some place online that you could easily, and more personally, create? It's like buying chopped onions from the grocery store.


(Sorry, I can't stand it.)

P.S. - About blood collection tubes - Get the ones with an anticoagulant, for fluidity...

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#8069 - 04/21/08 03:58 PM Re: any interest in a Satanic Grotto? [Re: Jeseth]
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I would like to have a Grotto in San Diego. Hell even a So Cal one.

I bet if it was kept "closed door" to outsiders it would be a great safe place for those like minded to meet.
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#8074 - 04/21/08 07:13 PM Re: any interest in a Satanic Grotto? [Re: AMMON666]
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*Tag* You're it!

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#10101 - 07/06/08 08:24 AM Re: any interest in a Satanic Grotto? [Re: ta2zz]
SevenDeadlySins Offline

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i'd be interested in a chicago based one.
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#10729 - 08/18/08 12:02 AM Re: any interest in a Satanic Grotto? [Re: SevenDeadlySins]
The Zebu Offline
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Of course I'd be interested if there were one in my area.

But in all likelihood, it would most likely be run by either:

-immature reverse christian newbs
-occultfags more obsessed with fussing over kabbalah details than directing real-world action
-complete nutcases who have no idea what they're doing

I would love nothing more that to start my own Church, declare myself Grand High Magus, initiate 20-or-something members, and oversee rituals, rites, satanic baptisms/weddings, black masses, orgies, etc, as well as compile my own ultimate Black Grimiore Necro Bible of ULTIMATE DEATH. Everyone would fear and respect me as I single-handedly usher in the grand Aeon of Satan!

But as far as REALITY goes, that would be completely ridiculous. Sure, I could probably get a ragtag cult of gullible and transient miscreants together, but what fun is there in being a leader if your followers are fools?

Finding other Satanists is difficult. Many of them aren't serious to begin with and "grow out of it", or move on to dabble in some other occult/pseudo-pagan nonsense that sounds interesting. And finding other Satanists who are sane, level-headed, and know what they're talking about is even harder.

They exist, I'm sure, as many members on this forum prove. I wouldn't mind having a good old fashioned Black Mass in a shadowy ritual chamber full of robed cultists- but more realistically I'd be content with a discussion about art, current events, or music, along with a cup of coffee in a bookstore or cafe somewhere.
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