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#66455 - 04/28/12 06:26 PM Re: Temple of Set...Satanists? [Re: Oxus]
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Oh, you know..the usual. Continuation of consciousness after death, the existence of some supernatural entity (neter if you like) that cares enough to interfere with mankind for some reason, mans special position in the universe, etc.

Nothing exceptional.

#66471 - 04/30/12 12:48 PM Re: Temple of Set...Satanists? [Re: Frumious]
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 Originally Posted By: Frumious
I give Dr. Aquino more credit than some might, but he may not like what I'm giving. I name him carnie and his followers rubes - just bear in mind that from me that's a compliment to him, though not to his followers, except the ones who know the score, if any do. He set out to build a temple, and a temple did he build, a con for his bricks, and a swindle for his mortrar. To him I say, and mean whole-heartedly, "Bravo! Well played, O Trickster. At the banquet table of Loki you surely have a seat. By your hand may a dozen truth-sticklers fall, when Ragnarok dawns."

Upon reading it, which I just did today, I don't much give a damn for it one way or another, since it's just another water-balloon.

What gets my attention and interest are thoughtful questions about or objections to Setian philosophy, or negative experiences that someone's had with the Temple of Set's structure/environment, etc. Over the course of my 600C visit several such questions have been raised, to which I have attempted to respond appropriately.

Water-balloons, like whoopie-cushions, are a whole different affair.

As a postscript, in 1972 Anton LaVey gave me a copy of Roger Price's The Great Roob Revolution, to which Roger added a sketch at his home in 1975. It's a charming [and very Satanic] book, within which [during Nixonia] Roger correctly predicted the Neocon future.

I am probably an "avant roob", though with lapses to "sub" when I visit Vegas ...

Michael A. Aquino

#67633 - 06/22/12 10:12 PM Re: Temple of Set...Satanists? [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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Dr. Aquino I have been reading this thread and find what you have to say both thought provoking and insightful. The Temple of Set is a group that I know nothing about, which is why I went to this thread. I have been studying Satanism for about a year and I am ravenous to learn more. I recently read the Emperor's New Religion on John Allee's site and told him that I was greatly interested to learn more about what happened to the CoS in 1975 and its overall history; he recommended I read your e-book The Church of Satan. I will read the Temple of Set after that.

One thing that is hard for me is my strict Atheist nature, one that is bound to science and the use of evidence for support. It is very challenging for me to immerse myself in the occult and surround myself with people who are Wiccan, or have a belief in a higher power (good or evil). I’m very quick to dismiss or write something off as “preposterous or absurd”, where’s the proof? No proof, then f*ck off!” Sometimes that is a good mindset to have and it does at times keep me from giving away my money and time (something that people have little of, but are quick to give away). However, there are times that I find it constraining and it limits me in my pursuit of knowledge and understanding.

I constantly want to challenge my way of thinking and internal belief system, I feel that the worst thing a human can do to one’s self is become complacent. To be stuck in one’s ways is the equivalent of prison; I/we mock people who we view as “time passing them by”. I’m hoping that my continued reading in the occult will help me evolve and question myself and rethink my position on things. Not to sound overly profound, I feel that it is only by questioning that a solid foundation of conviction can be built, a conviction that can be built upon and not easily shaken. Perhaps reading the Temple of Set will help me in that regards…..maybe not, but I will find out.
“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” ― Hitchens

#76545 - 05/21/13 03:01 PM Re: Temple of Set...Satanists? [Re: Woodey]
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I would say, yes. And this is based from personal experience with the Organization and Members. While that affiliation was short-lived, it was well worth the investigation.

I was most interested in how Xeper is achieved, at least ideologically. Added to that, cultural studies have always been a hobby of mine, and the idea that Set was demonized due to Romanization of Egypt has always been a fascinating subject. Romanized Isis is gravely different than the Egyptian Aset. Likewise, Set as a warrior for RA later becoming the diabolical bad guy, seemed fitting for the cultural shift.

At any rate, I went through all the necessary channels to become sponsored and allowed entry. I was most interested in the Library and the Tablets, which I attained fairly quickly perusing the Library.

I was communicating with my sponsor regarding a sort of curriculum of study. There was a metric ton of content to sift through, so that seemed to be a project they were interested in when I inquired about it and recommended it. Not sure if they ever implemented it.

After roughly a year, there was a communication regarding my Yahoo 360 page. One of the upper echelon misread something on one of my pages, but wasn't willing to own up to his error. I held him accountable for his rather pretentious and rude email inquiry. Rather than apologizing and taking up responsibility for his error, he instead decided to threaten me with proverbial boogeymen. Pretty funny story actually. I understand that there's a sort of grandfathered paranoia between the CoS and ToS due to its history; however these are not my problems. I was blatantly accused of being a spy for the CoS. Little ole me? Heh.

The entire exchange was so comical, I printed it out and have it archived in a binder along with other relevant ToS material. I hold no animosity towards the Org or the contacts I was in touch with (nor my accusers). It was all rather silly. I admit I had a bit of fun with it once I started receiving threats. I was kind of hoping for a personal visit from ToS henchmen.

That said. I'd say the handling of the whole thing was rather 'Satanic' in tone. I mean, they were protecting their territory, and were prepared for any conflict to the likeness of the hounds of Anubis *snark* I can handle my own, so I wasn't really concerned with it. My time there had taken its course, no big deal.

I did find the reading material useful, though all the institutional stuff isn't really my cup of tea. I was really just interested in a more hands-on review of the material, and you are required to apply in order to attain most of it. This was prior to a lot of that material being hosted on various websites/torrents.

The plastic membership card is far better than the little paper one you get from the CoS. I like to collect these little artifacts as a hobby. The entry-level medallion is really plain, just a white enameled Pentagram. No less fancy than the white one you get from the CoS.

There's always a debate over whether or not this guy or the next qualifies as a 'Satanist' or at the very least a hard-core LHPr. It's all a dick measuring contest, and most people end up coming up short. That's my opinion anyway.

God Emperor Trump's Valkyrie

#110762 - 12/06/16 07:20 AM Re: Temple of Set...Satanists? [Re: Seraphyim] Offline
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ToS are Satanist because here we are 2016 and people are still using and discussing the structure of thought as Initiated by Dr. Aquino. Who cares what he is doing now. All I ask is that he enjoy time(off topic). The reason TOS is a Satanist is because people that are not its creator are using what they have now.

Who cares about individuals when selecting a walk.

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