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#37711 - 04/17/10 02:40 AM Re: Something for the Noobs [Re: immortal1]
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I have spent years thinking about the “Born not made” issue. (No not all in one sitting), and after considering myself a Satanist for well over 20 years, I find myself siding with the ones who believe that Satanists are born. The subject has been covered here many times. I am open to the possibility of changing my mind on the matter at some point, but although there have been many good arguments presented against that idea, I haven’t yet seen any arguments that would do it for me as of yet.

Speaking just for myself as an “older Satanist,” it’s not that I am so set in my ways that I believe that I know everything about Satanism, or that I can never learn anything new, but I have seen just about every argument, suggestion, discussion that is out there when it comes to the Left hand path and it gets tiresome and boring to rehash it all every time someone thinks that they have an original idea.

I can also understand someone who has been involved in Satanism for many years lashing out at a “newbie,” who proclaims that an idea which is accepted by a large percentage of experienced satanists is ludicrous.

I do believe that Satanism is a philosophy that can be bent and molded to fit ones personal ideals, but there is a big difference between bending and molding, and breaking up completely.

Regarding the question as to why some of us who no longer feel that we have anything new to contribute or anything new to learn about Satanism still come here; is because although we are no longer searching and trying to find our way, we do enjoy the company of others whom we feel have reached that same point in their lives. We enjoy discussing and sharing ideas that aren’t directly related to the philosophy itself, while at the same time knowing that whatever the subject is at hand, it is still a Satanic point of view. Even if it doesn’t necessarily agree with our own personal Satanic view.
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#37712 - 04/17/10 02:52 AM Re: Something for the Noobs [Re: immortal1]
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Oh shut up..seriously. You come in here bringing up my name in a long dead thread and deliver a weak ass attempt at assassinating my character, then proceed to whine and cry that message boards are for exchanging ideas and not 'bashing'. Hypocrite much?

And the fact that you find me to be 'narrow minded' for reasons you choose to keep to yourself, (I would guess because I do not possess the all inclusive egalitarian views expected by many that come in here dragging their enormous sense of entitlement behind them) really means less than nothing to me. Who are you? what understanding have you demonstrated? Seems to me like you are just another wannabe internet tough guy. Now why don't you step off my dick, newb, and actually contribute something.


#37773 - 04/18/10 03:22 AM Re: Something for the Noobs [Re: Dan_Dread]
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Well, I can definitely say that I enjoyed the video, it brought up a lot of relevant points. I was also dismayed to see Marilyn Manson listed as a "problem" with Satanism, since I think he reasonably represents his views and is quite well spoken. Being liked by the Church doesn't hurt too much either. He has made no attempt to capitalize on it, and since he's never really claimed Satanism, it's not like he's misrepresenting it.

Another problem listed was keyboard warriors. We've definitely seen that somewhere. Putting Octavius' later post aside, I think the video draws from Satanism and certainly makes some Satanically minded conclusions.

immortal1, I don't like everything Dan_Dread says but he understands Satanism a lot better than most, and Morgan is unforgivingly critical (in a sort of restrained way, I think) to anyone who makes themself a target. Her point is valid.

As for Satanism being naturally born, I think the argument is based on natural disposition. Otherwise, consider yourself someone who learned it later in life. It's not bad. Don't put much stock in it, since the most anyone can do is take the philosophy with them forward into life. It's nice to think that many of us were born Satanists, or that it doesn't matter, but I think the difference is in how easily one approaches decisions in life with a Satanic mindset.

Now that we've all postured ourselves into petrified versions of what "Satanism really is", I encourage Octavius to make these videos a series. And a little clarification as to what "changing Satanism for many people" might have meant, as I think I missed what was meant by that.
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#37774 - 04/18/10 04:05 AM Re: Something for the Noobs [Re: Octavius]
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Hey Octavius!

I was just browsing and stumbled on this video / thread and wanted to say I enjoyed it, thanks!

I was wondering if you could state your sorce for the "9 Points of Self Mastery" and "7 signs of Spiritual Slavery". I tried to google those phrases and came up empty. If they're here in the forums I was not able to get any results.

I find them to be interresting and would like to read more up on them. I know this reply is close to 2 years late but I see some are still trying to beat eachother up over replys.
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#37787 - 04/18/10 09:49 AM Re: Something for the Noobs [Re: Wicked Satanist]
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As I mentioned in the original video, the original authors wish to remain anonymous. I am respecting their wishes. Suffice to say that the 9 points of Mastery and the 7 Signs of Spiritual Slavery were part of a failed experiment. They still hold their own merit and I still think they're valuable.

If you enjoyed the video, I made two others which are in the Video Discussion Forum'll need to search back several pages to find them. I had intended to make more videos, but decided that the three I had done were enough. I'm not here to be a teacher and the videos I made serve their own purpose well enough. Thanks for the comments, they're appreciated.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

#37788 - 04/18/10 11:11 AM Re: Something for the Noobs [Re: Dan_Dread]
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 Originally Posted By: Dan_Dread
Oh shut up..seriously. You come in here bringing up my name in a long dead thread and deliver a weak ass attempt at assassinating my character, then proceed to whine and cry that message boards are for exchanging ideas and not 'bashing'. Hypocrite much?

Ok. Ok. This is my last post in this thread. Fine. I did not come on this board to "bash" anyone, but when someone such as yourself proclaims their dominance and superior existence without offering to ME a shred of proof of what YOU have offered to Satanism or this board, I have no choice but to question your motives. My doing so does not constitute "bashing", which is defined as "unprovoked physical assault" or "verbal abuse, as of a group or a nation", and therefore does not make me a hypocrite. Instead of getting defensive, maybe you could enlighten me on your views and tell me why you believe them instead of just telling other people that their ideas are crap. And I would do the same for you. So the offer is on the table.

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