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#10304 - 07/20/08 12:25 AM Re: Inside the Church of Satan [Re: Euronymous]
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So, in your opinion Asmedious, what do you think is 'really' going on? For yes, things are not always what they appear to be

I could tell ya, but then I'd have to.........well, you know. ;\)
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#12475 - 10/10/08 09:02 PM Re: Inside the Church of Satan [Re: Mercury_Templar]
Samuel Hain Offline

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I watched the movie. I thought it was lame.Even the ritual of Ragnarok could have been spiced up to make it look more mysterious and occultic (They did not even wear robes) It looked for more zany and amateurish than professional.
#12505 - 10/11/08 06:33 PM Re: Inside the Church of Satan [Re: Samuel Hain]
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I couldn't agree more Hain. I had to force myself to watch as awful as it was. Aside from the content it was like some scolastics PBS special crap that your gradeschool teacher would torment you with. I expected more. Oh, and could they have found a less credible toothless whitetrash bunch of genetic rejects to interview?
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#12520 - 10/11/08 08:05 PM Re: Inside the Church of Satan [Re: blsk]
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Totally disagree. After having seen it I was pleasantly surprised.

Every other documentary I have seen about Satanism attempts to demonize it or make it look 'spooky' or down right stupid. This one is actually impartial, and leaves the main players looking like actual human beings rather than deranged criminals.
The interviews are not chopped up to make the philosophy of Satanism look other than it is;the fact that it was given a stage to be explained straight up really tickled me pink.

All and all, best documentary about ACTUAL Satanism ever.

#12647 - 10/14/08 02:49 PM Re: Inside the Church of Satan [Re: Mercury_Templar]
Dimitri Offline

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 Originally Posted By: Mercury_Templar
Give up on this one dude - the term 'Troll' springs to mind.


That's odd, I was thinking the same thing...
But let's not flame shall we?
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#13078 - 10/21/08 10:22 AM Re: Inside the Church of Satan [Re: Dimitri]
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I liked it actually, I was entertained. That is what really counts for me. I wasn't looking for inspiration, inspiration for me comes from a much deeper source, an $8 movie just doesn't qualify as something that inspires. If you were disappointed because you weren't inspired try reading a book or listening to some Wagner.
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#13817 - 11/03/08 08:39 PM Re: Inside the Church of Satan [Re: Amina]
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This is another sad example in a long a list of literature by a org that is nothing but some B-Movie/Comic Soap Opera. Even if it was surpposed to be a documentray, it lacked in meat and spuds. If you are new to the subject then it has something to offer to the individual. But if you are looking for some deeper meaning then look else where.
I feel that the CoS is not the same since the death of LaVey who at least brougt some respect to it.The interviews lacked depth from resonable questions that where put to the heads of the org. It was a waste of money that could be put too better use to begin with.



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