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#8555 - 05/09/08 06:41 PM Acell Incorporated - Pig Tech to the max
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My stepdad emailed a quick link to a ~new company ( and said I'd enjoy reading their stuff. So I went to the site to have a look around.

These guys take pig bladders, basically crushes the bladders into a power, and stick this powder on pets that have missing toes and stuff; and it grows back like a lizards tail! Now their moving into human research and development. There goes stem cell research! Granted Acell regeneration technology is in its infancy, but can you imagine the implications this will have 2 decade from now when its refined?

I'd buy stocks in Acell and a big Pig farm. Unfortunately I don't know the ticker symbol for a big pig farm.

Here's an excerpt from there site - :


ACell, Inc. offers the next generation of regenerative medicine through the development, manufacture and marketing of unique extracellular matrix (ECM) products. ACellís patented ECM products are covered by multiple 510(k) clearances and address important unmet clinical needs, providing safe, effective and therapeutic outcomes. Derived from porcine urinary bladders and referred to as UBM ( urinary bladder matrix), ACellís extracellular matrix is a naturally occurring, non-crosslinked, completely resorbable acellular biomaterial. A similar "first generation" ECM technology called SIS (derived from porcine small intestine) has been used to treat over 500,000 patients with remarkable effect. ACellís UBM is the next generation of ECM technology due to its unique characteristics featuring a basement membrane surface which is ideal for epithelial cell growth in many applications.

Naturally derived, non-crosslinked ECMs, like UBM, are unique among scaffold technologies which fundamentally change healing by triggering abundant new blood vessel formation and recruitment of numerous cell types to the wound site. These cells, including progenitor cells, have the potential to differentiate into numerous types of site specific tissues. During the healing process, the scaffold is rapidly degraded and completely resorbed leaving new tissue where scar tissue would normally be expected. ACell technology is not limited to one market segment (e.g., wound care), but instead can serve as a core technology for treatments across a broad range of human medical conditions.


Core technology for regenerative medicine. ACell technology is strongly centered on the scaffold based approach to regenerative medicine. UBM is a graft material that can be implanted at the site of an injury or damaged has the ability to attract tissue in order to stimulate a unique healing response. UBM the bodyís own progenitor cells to the site of the injury and serve as a scaffold for these cells. The progenitor cells attracted to the UBM scaffold have the ability to differentiate into site specific tissues such as muscle, skin, tendon or bone. Consequently, instead of the bodyís default healing mechanism of scar tissue formation, the body heals by remodeling with new tissue that resembles the original tissue in both structure and function. ACell core technology can be developed into a broad range medical applications such as gastroenterology, orthopaedics, cardiovascular and neurological surgery in addition to our current focus in the areas of wound care, reconstructive surgery, urogynecology and general surgery.

Five FDA 510(k) Clearances for Multiple Clinical Applications. ACell has five 510(k) premarket notifications for multiple product configurations (sheet, multi-laminate and powder) in wound care and general surgical applications. These clearances enable ACell or a strategic partner to begin immediate commercialization.""


p.s. How does a pig's bladder make things grow back I wonder? I would have thought liver would have done the trick!?

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#8561 - 05/09/08 08:18 PM Re: Acell Incorporated - Pig Tech to the max [Re: LUCIFERIFIC]
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I am not sure of what you are talking about, but something like this is already in use in hospitals.

Its used to fill in holes in the body during surgery.
It comes from animals, and become part of the body over time.
it gets absorbed by the blood, and eventually veins and stuff grow thought it as one part of the wound tries to heal to the otherside.

But growing back missing toes, and stuff, nope.
If that was true it would have been all over the media and medical community.
The most you have is cloned sheep, and keeping part alive by sewing them onto other animals or internally till they can be reattached.

The only thing that showed any promise with the regeneration of tissues and cells was stem cell research which your precious bush and republicans killed.

I always found it odd that republicans are prolife, prodeath penality and prowar.....
So dont kill them as babies, wait till they grow up....

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