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#116427 - 06/21/18 12:45 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: fakepropht]
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Fakeprohet, I haven't seen your name in years, and you would have no reason to remember me, but I was once a young Newbie by the name DAStrix in the early oughts. Welcome home. Just got back myself.
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#117713 - 12/11/18 09:09 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: morgoth]
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Candied baby crab. It was pretty much a tiny empty shell coated in soy sauce and sugar flavoring and sprinkled with sesame seeds. I will never do that again.

"Prepared jelly fish snack" This is shredded pickled jelly fish you are expected to dump chili sauce into and eat out of a bag. It was like chewing on really fuckin' hot rubber bands.

Uni or sea urchin roe. It's not an uncommon food, it's just foul. Don't ask me why I've eaten it more than once.

My favorite "weird foods" are bacon wrapped snickers bars, deep fried chicken livers, raw oysters, and scrapple...
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#120992 - 12/11/19 12:55 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: morgoth]

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I have one simple answer to that question....


#120997 - 12/11/19 05:09 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: DYLANKILLIN223]
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I understand all the <br> put in, but there is a simpler way to accomplish your *drum roll* build up for folks to find out what you've eaten.

In the full answer tab there is an S with a backslash through it. This is not "Strike through" but HTML for a spoiler.


What is the strangest thing I have eaten?

Warning, Spoiler:
A used tampon for $50
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#121005 - 12/12/19 06:47 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: CanisMachina42]

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Thanks for the advice.
#121041 - 12/14/19 01:29 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: fakepropht]
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Kakashere Porkolt.

Hungarian speciality.

Tasted quite well actually.

I would advise it to anyone visiting Hungary to try it at least once.

And downing it with a shot of Palinka.
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#121054 - 12/16/19 01:38 AM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: Dimitri]
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As a Hungarian, and someone who thought he has tried about every food Hungary has to offer; I have to admit, that I've never heard of or seen this before. I mean, I've seen my grandmother fry chicken blood with onions because "It tastes just like liver." Obvious question was "why don't you just make liver. I've also seen them eat cooked chicken feet, but never rooster testicles.
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#121067 - 12/17/19 05:04 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: Asmedious]
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I've never heard of fried blood before, it sounds very sanguinous. I suppose escargots no longer cut it as exotic, but have also tried kæstur hákarl (Icelandic fermented shark). Ideal with a dose of Brennivín to compound the already rancid aroma. Adventurous palates are open to a new delicacy.
#121093 - 12/20/19 02:54 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: aeon6]
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Lamb abdomen lungs and liver, wrapped up by lamb intestines.
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#121152 - 12/28/19 10:02 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: fiendish]
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As for plain strange stuff, I ate a number of live bugs in grade school to get a rise out of my classmates.

But as for exotic foods, Al Tang was the most memorable. I used to live right up the street from a Korean restaurant that's sadly closed since. The staff spoke absolutely no English and even the menu was in Korean, but the menu helpfully had pictures and it was easy enough to point. It seemed a little pricey based on cost per dish, but the portions were so large that a single dish could serve three people. I went regularly when it was close by.

I like roe fresh on sushi or cured as a caviar, so I thought I'd try it in soup. It was very different. The veiny, banana-shaped pollock "ovaries" (or whatever the piscine of equivalent of an ovary is) were thrown whole into the broth and boiled. It had a soft yet grainy texture, almost like fish-flavored cauliflower. The soup was overall excellent and became a quick favorite.
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