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#8616 - 05/12/08 12:29 PM What makes you a Satanist
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I know that this must sound really stupid, but I do reall ywant to know what do you do to become a Satanist?

I've read the Satanic Bible now, but is there any specific things that needs to be done to become a Satanist. I've got no chance in doing a full ritual as I'm currently in prison so I dont have access to the equipment to do the ritual. I do really want to beocme a real Satanist with all the benefits, but how will I be able to do this. Is there any books on this?

#8617 - 05/12/08 01:08 PM Re: What makes you a Satanist [Re: Japster]
ta2zz Offline
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Satan stopped giving a 401k plan to prospective souls at least a year ago…

Now on a more serious note what do you think these benefits are? The main benefit is being responsible for your own actions…

It takes nothing to realize that no supreme being rules your life and that wishing or praying is one and the same… Both are simply a way to waste time and watch your life disappear…

Good luck on your path...
We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams. ~Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy

#8618 - 05/12/08 01:35 PM Re: What makes you a Satanist [Re: Japster]
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 Originally Posted By: Japster
I do reall ywant to know what do you do to become a Satanist?

I've read the Satanic Bible now, but is there any specific things that needs to be done to become a Satanist.

To be a Satanist according to the standard set by LaVey (although not all on this site are LaVeyans), one must be born a Satanist. It is not something you can become.
Satan is not some supernatural being 'out there' who must be called upon through a specific ritual.

If you see yourself as having been born a Satanist, Satan represents your inner core of values you are naturally drawn towards, which you feel are truly 'you' - values such as individuality, authenticity, intelligence, skillfulness, undefiled wisdom, free thought, personal freedom, personal empowerment and living naturally.

These are symbolized by Satan, the Adversary or Opponent.
I tend to see this as the opponent of all oppressive and deluded religious, moral, political and philosophical dogma - not just Christianity.
Satanism also refuses to go with 'trendy' values and ideals, such as many popular versions of liberalism or egalitarianism, just because they are popular or the status quo. Freedom from popular prejudice is seen as a worthy aim.

If this feels like 'you', then you know you are a Satanist, if you wish to embrace that label.
I tend to see the practical application of ideas are more important than labeling or ritual.

But if you feel you want the label of Satanist, you can do a personalized ritual to affirm your identity as a Satanist.
If a full ritual isn't possible, you could try a visualization - that could, with enough practice, be equally effective. (I'm trained in Hypnosis so I know a bit about the power of imagination...)

I'm sure you can also think of many discreet ritualized actions you could perform to identify you with your core values, as well as any other kind of symbolism or aesthetic you resonate with. You could also try combining ritual with meditation, there are various forms, you might find one which suits you and helps you to achieve your goals.

#8938 - 05/23/08 03:17 PM Re: What makes you a Satanist [Re: Meq]
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I agree with some of LaVey's satanic beliefs, but I don't label myself a Satanist. I don't need to label myself to remind myself who I am or to let other people know what my beliefs are.

I don't see anything wrong with labeling oneself, but I just don't believe it is necessary to do so.

Just the fact that you are asking what someone has to do to become a Satanist gives me the vibe that you have not thought this through.

Perhaps you need to get more information on Satanism and ask yourself what YOU believe in; don't ask others how to become a Satanist.

If you research about Satanism and you happen to have the same feelings/beliefs as they do then Satanism might be right for you.
There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.
-Joseph Brodsky

#8960 - 05/24/08 03:07 AM Re: What makes you a Satanist [Re: The Antagonist]
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Whe I first read the Satanic Bible, I found it really profound and insisted that almost everyone I know should read it. It was a big thing for me to show a whole lot of psychic vampires where the door was. Those friends I had that did read it understood totally and agreed it was thought provoking, but dont call themselves Satanists for a number of reasons. One being the actual word Satan in itself, and the fact that alot of people still dont understand what Satan actually is. Maybe you need to just stop thinking about the label, and enjoy marching to the beat of your own drum. Think of the Rules of the Earth for instance, just common sense really.
Read some Fredrich Neischke ( did I spell that right?). He's brilliant.

#9036 - 05/26/08 05:29 AM Re: What makes you a Satanist [Re: Japster]

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hail satanas

#9047 - 05/26/08 10:56 AM Re: What makes you a Satanist [Re: SATANAS]
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Ehh, maybe you should consider another religion, or actually doing some research.

Satanism isn't all about worshipping the 'Devil'. There are different 'types' of Satanism if you will, and I know of only one that actually worships Satan as a deity. Maybe it's all about worshipping the Devil to you, but don't generalize it by telling other people what it is no matter what.

Someone already told you about the whole CAPS thing so it seems as if you will change it to a more respectful manner.

It's fine if getting high works for you, but what makes you think that the rest of us, with your proclamation being off-topic, really care. It's fine for you, but next time you post I expect to see maybe a little more knowledge and helpfulness in your posts.

Look around, do some research.

Good day to you,

For all murderers, I am the leader.
Forever, Rob, The 49 PigFeeder.
NecroMantic Sin.

#9063 - 05/26/08 07:50 PM Re: What makes you a Satanist [Re: PigFeeder]
Isaak w shipley Offline

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Yes. you are right.It's not about the Devil but the human nature
and Everything they Demonize is in nature.
I have been pouring out emotion over myself reflection.
I feeling communication is Retrograde for me.
Mercury and Neptune are Retrograding in my line of communication
I feel somewhat like I have not even begone to reach the Pentacle.
Self Expression Is what we adore yet mine is feeling like
The hanged-man or The Joker.
I do not intend to mislead,but feel mislead.
My misleading thoughts and expressions are apart of the communication wall.
I strive to make sense but realize I do not to anyone,even Myself.
What is wrong?
How can I commune Better?
Either I make Sense perfectly or make no at all.
I know this.
I will Keep striving.
I will Suceed.


#9065 - 05/26/08 08:26 PM Re: What makes you a Satanist [Re: Isaak w shipley]
Isaak w shipley Offline

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The Dark one
Meaning to me to be the Black flame.
Out in the world it is The strong survive or The Alpha male syndrome.
Like Eye for a Eye or Self-Indulgence without guilt or remorse.
The Religion is not about Money,Just hoodooo.
It's based alot on Aleister Crowley and Lavey's fasination
with Magic Rites of passage.
I approach always with respect and caution when speaking about the dead.
Most I understand do not believe in any god or supernatural.
I beg to differ.
Theist or not. I believe Reverence and Respect Is on command wherever you go or enter into.
You must approach your Mass with respect for the Elements.
Including Human lives and Deaths.
If you speak of something it will manifest.
It has no other way.
Everything you want or get is based on respect.
Not by taking,stealing or just carbon copies.
A ever Evolving Human really does not exist.
It has been the Ancient way of living for Hundreds of thousands of years.
The Luxuries we have with Tech"s and Space age are taken for granted.
I show the utmost respect to those who see past money and Cell phones.
I helped plow feilds and work with the sweat of my brow.
Others take the luxury of just being.
I do not.
You would have to see past to write the black book.
Most older than me do not see the Ancient ways as a way of life.
It is.
It's always been uncivilized and Chaotic here.
Indulge yourself but do not forget to respect your Elders.
They have surley Survived longer than pin-heads with Internet Rites.
Who believe.
I am special.
Mommy picks out my clothes for me and wipes my ass too mentality.
Special.I am special.
Your no more special than a Ant hill.
In fact nature has survived longer than we will ever.
Humans are just one Element of the Equator.

"I respect the dead and Elders."

#9067 - 05/26/08 10:36 PM Re: What makes you a Satanist [Re: Japster]
97and107 Offline

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You gotta love that darkness....that's all...
#9068 - 05/26/08 10:48 PM Re: What makes you a Satanist [Re: 97and107]
Isaak w shipley Offline

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Loc: Tenneessee
Heil Satan!

Are we not the beast who walk on all fours?
Are we not the killers.
Are we not the healers.
That is the law
Law of living inside the flesh.
God of men.
God of men.
God of beast.
God of Beast.
Man is his beast and his God.
Man is his Beast and his God.
Who's Wine we drink.
Who's wine is bitter.
Who's well never runs dry.

"WE Rule the world."

#9069 - 05/26/08 10:54 PM Re: What makes you a Satanist [Re: PigFeeder]

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for me it is all about worshiping the devil - he is my mohhamid - or my jesus if you will - everyones different - i dont know what levay was doing when he wrote the book or when he started that church i wasnt there - but in all the rituals and hocus pocus i would like to think he was making offers to satan - so if you ask me what makes me a satanist - my answer is worshiping and devoting all my energy to satan - satanas - its not about the fucking earth and shit - so forgive my ignorance ive only been at this for about ten years - and as far as the marijuana - im not promoting it - but you cant deny the role it played in this thing you and i call Satanism - all the greats were high - richard ramerez - the eagles - i bet even the black pope himself - oh yeah and me
- the big bad satanas - no disrespect not trying to get the boot - this is just my opinion - whos to say if its wrong or not - just because i didnt read as many books as the next guy dosnt mean im not who i am

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hail satanas

#9071 - 05/26/08 11:53 PM Re: What makes you a Satanist [Re: SATANAS]
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Forgive your ignorance? You've only been at this for 10 years? Most of the greatest athletes career's only span 10-12 years. Most of the great band's careers now barely reach 10 years. Many of the greatest minds have less than 10 years of formal higher level education. Yet, after 10 years of study, you are still ingnorant enough to misspell your own hometown? And you have to apologize for your ingnorance of 10 years worth of satanic studies?

Hmm, to lump Richard Ramirez in with the greats? Let's revisit his history. Because I am too lazy to type all this from memory, I will defer to copying and pasting from a fave site of mine.

He'd dropped out of the ninth grade and had been living the life of a slacker, smoking marijuana and living on convenience store junk food.

His diet was so rich in sugar, his teeth eventually started to rot, which made his breath foul and offensive.

Michael D. Harris, reporting for UPI, wrote that years later his father would maintain that Richard was a "good boy" whose marijuana consumption "put him out of control."

His first known victim was a seventy-nine-year old Glassel Park resident named Jennie Vincow. On June 28, 1984, she had apparently left a window open because it had been hot that evening. Ramirez simply removed the screen and climbed in. Vincow's son, who lived in the apartment over her ground floor apartment, discovered her body sprawled out on the bed. She had been stabbed repeatedly, and her throat was slashed so savagely she was nearly decapitated. The intruder also ransacked her apartment and helped himself to her valuables. Fingerprints were recovered from the window sill, and the autopsy revealed signs of sexual assault. The Night Stalker's fantasy had finally become reality. An opportunist and preyer on the weak. Not to mention he left fingerprints at the scene and sexually assualted an old lady. Yummy.

Dispatch the male quickly to get him out of the way so that he could have his perverse way with the woman in the house. The man was just an impediment and not part of the fantasy; the woman was the real object of desire. Not very successful with the ladies I guess. So he takes by force that which he can not win with personallity.

Upon his arrest, Ramirez, 26, was charged with fourteen murders and thirty-one other felonies related to his 1985 murder, rape and robbery spree. A fifteenth murder in San Francisco also hung over his head, with the potential for a trial in Orange County for rape and attempted murder. So at age 26, when most are beginning to establish their foothold on life and the real elitists are starting to understand their dominance over the herd, this goof ball was on trial for his life. Winner!

In 29 years of his life he accomplished being sentenced to death. Luckily, he resided in California and not Texas or Virginia. We like to put our death row inmates on the express path to the needle. He'll live out his years confined to a cell, sucking dick, watching whatever happens to be on the tv at the time, writing letters of appeal, never being able to run in the forest, own a house, own the latest AC/DC album, see them in concert, or experience that which we call life. Awesome! What an inspiration.
Beer, the reason I get up every afternoon.

#9085 - 05/27/08 01:50 AM Re: What makes you a Satanist [Re: SATANAS]
Bacchae Offline
Satan's White Trash Neighbor

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i am willing to give anyone the benefit of doubt and stuff, but once you start finding common grounds between the Eagles and braindead mutant trash like ramerez... youve gone too far.

that said, you might want to check out the Joy Of Satan website... possibly more to your liking than us book nerds.

#9087 - 05/27/08 05:05 AM Re: What makes you a Satanist [Re: Bacchae]
Isaak w shipley Offline

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Loc: Tenneessee
Blast to the Eagles?
You been smoking Pcp.
That deserves no credit to humanity what so ever.
I have more respect towards My Kat.
It takes Discipline to be here.
Not a luxury.
Not a right.
Please do not ask for forgiveness to us but to yourself Respect first.
Then Please Say somthing to your Defense and Apologize.
I am new still at this but am studying hard.
You want a Membership.
Earn like me.
I have had no easy task.
I agree that luckily he's inside Cali.
Down south YOU DIE!!!!
I guess you think your the devil or love R,because he did a stupid act in personating the Devil?
Horse Shit!
I would rather be a Prodickal eating Slop rather than
Hear Horse Shit!
I have been ridiculed for my babble but that is trash talk
in a class of it's on.

Death to weakling.Wealth to strong

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