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#94700 - 12/07/14 09:15 PM Fresh Faced Occult Gimmick Man [Re: Xaziel]
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I LOVE E.A.KOETTING'S videos and media that is available for FREE online and as PDF files or other downloads. My take is that he's an occult kind of infomercial man with hook lines, unintentionally funny testimonials of clientele to his purchase media. He has a whiff of past gimmick sellers like DON LAPRE (now dead), TONY ROBBINS, KEVIN TRUDEAU and scores of past telepsychics.

For the bored skeptic and under age 30 to teens, there are enough simple video demonstrations of rituals Koetting provides to dupe themselves into becoming Grand Poobahs in their crainal worlds or just be substance intoxicated and do the rituals to relieve boredom. I see the guys media as pure Gonzo entertainment.

Koetting is handsome enough and quirky that he has/had the looks to be in some indie movies or mockumentaries given how he uses special effcts in some ritual videos.

Fast forward to winter 2014 and legal police problems in St. George, Utah where he lives, he and his lady. There are enough overpriced books and videos that comprise his occult career as a magician he should not make the journey out of the court and corrections system in one piece.

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#94701 - 12/07/14 09:35 PM Re: Fresh Faced Occult Gimmick Man [Re: prodigalsun]
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He is a religious businessman, dealing in a niche market. As far as religious business strategy goes, no one in modern times has shit on L Ron Hubbard. Proof that Sci-Fi outsells Horror.
#111399 - 02/05/17 03:10 AM Re: EA Koeting [Re: Fnord]
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I really liked his uTube stuff at first now it seams more like an informertal
Dave lavorato

#114477 - 09/24/17 02:49 PM Re: EA Koeting [Re: Xaziel]
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Although this might be skirting close to breaking the one-line response rule:

#114479 - 09/24/17 04:33 PM Re: EA Koeting [Re: Obitus]
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 Originally Posted By: Obitus
Although this might be skirting close to breaking the one-line response rule:


That's hella funny!

Great post.

#114602 - 10/04/17 01:02 AM Re: EA Koeting [Re: Bartho LeMule]
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I can't stand him. w./e. she--is how. Q. Shut the Glass; Queer Nation; Keiting will run it. Mortose. move in. now. Ravneus. 58.666 borg. We never forget; never. Viva La France. Seth now mine. Cain. and able. gong. to shaz. brb. alas kla. F.F. MM. Mannheim out. wic. when u see the hurricane cuming; dig. Hors. 66. Aquino clean this place or i will. Ra. Dedi. Cairo. Wind. Barcelona. brb.
The Path of Power

#114825 - 10/19/17 11:16 PM Re: EA Koeting [Re: Ravuk]
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I see him as a religious opportunist. Along the lines of a LHP version of Benny Hinn. Their schlock is ridiculously overpriced, I mean laughably overpriced. Would I suggest his videos as a starting point for anyone interested?...NO...But there's no quick inroads to initiation if you want to be solitary - you have to pick and choose and find what works with a starting point of meditation.
I can't denounce the man for any other reason than the obvious greed issue. He "seems" genuinely devoted to his own self-improvement at least. It's interesting that he he has a vodou slant. That is one actual inroad to the esoteric that I've seen legit mysticism in, moreso than in any other esoteric order. GD/OTO/T/ et al

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