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#92963 - 09/14/14 08:10 PM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: Naama]
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It's a very weird feeling. A few times (mostly alone in a bedroom) I can't move and I also feel this very weird aura around me, like somebody else is in the same room as I am, watching me. Sometimes I decipher this as Satan or a demon being in the same room as me This usually lingers for about 3-5 seconds.

Kind of creepy and suspenseful if you ask me.
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#93755 - 10/16/14 02:35 PM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: Naama]
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I myself experience sleep paralysis during meditation, attempting astral projection,under hypnosis, and also attempting lucid dreaming. Astral projection is when your mind is awake. But you can't move your body. It's really interesting I might say. It freaked me out the first time it happened about a year ago attempting astral projection. It's a sign that your heading torwards the right steps to moving out of your physical body.
#94876 - 12/17/14 08:11 PM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: Camila Carroll]
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I know a family that experiences sleep paralysis. A mother and a son. The strange thing is, the malevolent force that visits them is the same. I always presumed it was unique for each individual. The son says the figure is unfamiliar, but the mother recognizes it. However, the mother refuses to speak about sleep paralysis, as if she is ashamed. She even goes so far as to try to get the son to not speak of it, but he's a teenager, and thus rebellious.

I am going to speculate on the nature of the apparition here. The most obvious explanation would be a ghost of some sort, likely of somebody related, and is thus haunting the family. However, I am always skeptical about ghosts, and the physical description of this one indicates no blood relation. Perhaps some demon? That would indicate all sleep paralysis sufferers are being targeted by supernatural forces, which I find unlikely. My best "scientific" explanation is that the apparition is some sort of Jungian archetype. The condition is genetic and the same image is likely based on some similar experience that is common in families. Of course, this is full of holes and assumes very specific archetypes

#94881 - 12/18/14 08:08 AM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: Mahoun]
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We are (most, but not all of us) paralyzed in our sleep. Just to keep us from getting up and doing things we might regret.

But yeah, this standard state of affairs admits of two really interesting exceptions. One on either side.
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#95023 - 12/23/14 11:38 PM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: Naama]
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This has happened to me as well. I couldnt move but my eyes were open and my room was full of swirling colors. On top of that, I kept hearing banging coming from my walls. Definitely a cool experience. I was able to do this by lying completely still for half an hour in the dark. Its really weird if u do it right and it works.
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#106423 - 04/24/16 07:43 AM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: Naama]
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There was a time I really was into this kind of phenomena.
I thought is was the portal to all kinds powers dimensions or what so ever.

With a little bit of practice or at least focus during the day over these kind of subjects, reading researching. It is easy to increase the frequency of these sleep paralyses and lucid dreams.

The easiest way is to write down all the occurrences you can remember and make them vivid in your mind.
Then pretend as much as you can or want during waking hours that your dreaming.
After a while you start questioning it in a dream itself and changes are good you become lucid.

Is it worth the time you have to invest in it ? I do not know, but it is as close you can get to a psychedelic experience without any substance. And boy, these lucid dreams feel as real as an experience can get, visuals, feelings even smells !

There are two outcomes... or you start understanding how powerful the brain is in projecting/creating thoughts, hallucinations, experiences in the mindspace,

or you start believing there really is a separate reality and indeed see demons, spirits, supernatural entities as a fact.
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#111639 - 03/07/17 01:05 AM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: Naama]
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I've experienced it before and it can be pretty terrifying, especially at first.

There are of course multiple explanations for this just as any other phenomena. Both mundane and paranormal. There is a documentary on Netflix about sleep paralysis called "The Nightmare" that is pretty interesting.

I have found that sleep paralysis is usually a precursor to astral projection.

Both start out very similar.

Essentially the mind wakes up while the body is asleep and the feeling of being "trapped" in the body is what usually results in the "night terror" experience. However, if one uses this "mind awake, body asleep" as a signal, it can be used to trigger an experience of leaving one's body. Most books on OBEs call this the "vibration stage".

#111640 - 03/07/17 02:26 AM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: PerditionCity]
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Essentially the mind wakes up while the body is asleep and the feeling of being "trapped" in the body is what usually results in the "night terror" experience. However, if one uses this "mind awake, body asleep" as a signal, it can be used to trigger an experience of leaving one's body. Most books on OBEs call this the "vibration stage".

The "New Age" literature on this is as bullshit as star children.  In my opinion it's something like controlled dreaming that just happens to be accurate every so often... 

The instances when this has happened to me has been like typical rem sleep, only I moved with what seemed like "control". At the time I attributed it to spacial memory + the unconcsious mind's ability to 'divine' "the most likely answer".  I find this to be consistent along all similar "astral" phenomenon like psychic ability, possession, channeling, and remote viewing.

I'll even leave an "open mind" for an (un)concsious ability to transmit, receive, or be affected by signals along the theta band (see Schumann resonance). This, not all that dissimilar from the way a windy day can make you agitated.

Live Science had an interesting article on this:

 Originally Posted By: Live Science
Using algorithms that looked at patterns across the entire brain, they found that in addition to the parietal cortex, the hippocampus ó a brain region critical for memory ó was also active in producing a sense of location.

#111955 - 03/22/17 05:56 PM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: CanisMachina42]
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I've had this Sleep Paralysis a few times in my life. The frequency of incidents actually increased after I started doing Occult Rituals. Understood to be correlation, but believe there is some causation there. No incidents for a while now.

Sometimes the SP will initiate an OBE. This has happened to me on a couple occasions; one time not related to SP. I have heard the "tones" mentioned, and the accompanied spatial rotation and/or elevation.

I did wonder if Spiritual attack was a catalyst for the SP; being involved with Occult activity. And since prior to one episode, having felt a "presence" in the room. which is rare for me.

And as far as the OBEs resulting from the SP, well, if it's what it seems to be then it's the consciousness exiting the body. Points for Dualism; I don't have a need to believe in dualism. I'm unbiased.

That comment wasn't directed at anyone, I thought I was replying to the entire thread. This shouldn't happen again.

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#113077 - 06/06/17 10:13 PM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: Mr Jackson]
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I get this "sleep paralysis" nearly 5 nights a week. I do go through the experience of being unable to move but I'm unsure if anyone goes through this also but occasionally I feel I am unable to breath and feel as if I am suffocating. Everyone says it only last a few seconds or minutes but the longest I've ever had it happen to me was nearly 10 minutes. I have always just fallen asleep because I would never open my eyes.
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#117204 - 10/17/18 04:42 PM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: Mr Jackson]
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Is sleep paralysis safe?????
#117471 - 11/19/18 10:03 AM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: Mr Jackson]
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 Originally Posted By: Naama
Some people experience this state of being, which occurs during sleep.
It can be simply describes as "only eyes are open, blinking; you are slightly awake, but the body is motionless, you can not move". It lasts only for a few seconds."
Sometimes it seems like other persons (beings) are present in the bedroom. It's rather unpleasant, tense feeling.

As, always science offeres an "axlike" explanations which can make you laugh because of it's "simpletonicity" and naÔve outlook...

I've never experienced this as far as I know.... I've heard that people often see monsters and demons when they awaken to sleep paralysis, but I also heard the fact that most people don't remember this happening to them when they wake up...

Sleep Paralysis happens to 1 in 5 people in a lifetime but most people forget about it by the time they wake up.

 Originally Posted By: SIN3
Had this happen once, weirdest dream ever! They were doing some construction on the roads up the street from my house. The machines made this loud humming noise. Translation in my sleep: Space Ship. I was dreaming of being sucked up into an alien vessel. Woke up dead smack in the middle and my body was actually elevated at a 90 degree angle. Hurt my neck like hell too. So in my brain, I was forcing my body into this position.

Took a few to shake out of it, then I had a good laugh about it.

What I do remember vividly, was the pins and needles sensation.

I had read somewhere that dreams like this and nightmares actually play a role as a biological mechanism to protect the body. So, if you're cutting off blood circulation the brain brings you out of deep sleep, then mind fucks you to wake you.

Sounds legit.

That's interesting...
I had a dream once that I woke up out of a Coma and was in the hospital... I asked what happened and how I got there and the doctor said "You've been asleep for quite awhile, wait 15 minutes and I'll explain your situation... I said "Fuck That" and went back to sleep...
When I woke up again I was in my room but it was redecorated as if a wealthy girl decorated my house... My eyes were blurry and watery and I was half paralized...
I screamed for help, and rolled off the bed...
Invisible hands picked me up and put me back on the bed.
When I woke up the last time I was still injured and screamed for help...
At this point my cat scratched his paws on the chair and I woke up in real life.

The funny thing is, the dream was so real, for awhile I wondered if the coma was real and this life was a dream.

#117473 - 11/19/18 04:18 PM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: Zenarith]
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I used to get sleep paralysis quite often, and still do on occasions. Mainly when I'm ill. Usually accompanied by a loud wind noise in my ears. I know a couple of times I've tried to call out, but it's impossible, but I usually shake myself out of it by doing this.
Certainly is an odd feeling, especially the first time it happens. Sleep paralysis has been recorded for hundreds of years. Can't remember the details, but some communities in the past called it after a ghost maiden or something, who sits on your chest. I suppose this is kind of what it feels like, but she must have to be a big woman! So don't get too excited.
Just normal. Like some people sleep walk and others don't.

#117950 - 01/06/19 11:22 PM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: Naama]
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Itís only happened twice and I canít have it happen to me anymore I NEED a sleep paralysis I like the throats feeling of unmoveable
#118027 - 01/12/19 07:36 PM Re: Sleep Paralysis [Re: Rob Taylor]
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 Originally Posted By: Rob Taylor
Sleep paralysis has been recorded for hundreds of years. Can't remember the details, but some communities in the past called it after a ghost maiden or something, who sits on your chest.

I believe you are referring to "Old Hag Syndrome". Also common with this phenomenon are peripheral shadows. Coincidentally, moderate to high doses of diphenhydramine also induce the shadow phenomena - the named substance though is very dysphoric, and certainly not recommended.
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