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#11223 - 09/05/08 08:52 AM Re: Letting Victims Track Their Tormentors [Re: ZephyrGirl]
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I'd say if you knew the victim then their confessions would be judged by you and your attachments to them and one hopefully would act accordingly. I advocate anything your mind can conceive for in mine there is a line, once someone crosses it they are subject to any idea I can come up with at that time. To do something else is like the yellow squirming worms in your belly having a good time.

Anylize this.

#11394 - 09/11/08 10:07 AM Re: Letting Victims Track Their Tormentors [Re: Nemesis]
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I can see your point in delaying the healing process, but I know someone who used V.I.N.E. All she had to do was to enter her info one time and she received a phone call when the guy was released or transfered. She didn't have to keep logging on the site and checking his status.
#80649 - 09/30/13 06:19 AM Re: Letting Victims Track Their Tormentors [Re: Nemesis]
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An ex-boyfriend, in jail for abusing her, had assaulted her after being sent out on work release with no notice to her.

She knew him. He was an ex so she should be fairly familiar with his behavioral patterns. The stranger-danger has that 'x' factor to it. Alerting her that the guy is moving about is like keeping him on a short leash, attached to her.

Under the SAVIN system, a jail or prison connects its inmate database with a central operation center of a Kentucky-based company called Appriss Inc., which developed and maintains the system. Crime victims register confidentially online or by phone to track a particular inmate and Appriss notifies them whenever the prisoner is released, transfers to a new facility, or manages to escape.

Officials say they are not worried about SAVIN being used for nefarious purposes. It is possible, Appriss's Jones said, to manually block or delay notifications if there is some reason why an inmate might be in danger if news of his release were to spread.

The system is only as good as the time the convict is incarcerated. If they're released, well all it does is inform the victim that the person is out and on the streets. It doesn't track their movements like RFID Chipping and GPS.

an increasingly widespread system designed to alert crime victims when an inmate hits the streets or is transferred to another facility. "You don't have to wonder all the time if you're going to run into him in the grocery store," says Sharpless. "You don't have to lie awake at night wondering if your doors and windows are locked."

I think it would be more helpful if she changed her own patterns and learned to defend herself. Predators hunt their prey. Intimidation tactics are just a way to ensure compliance and control. Tracking the movements of their assailant may be a useful tool but it seems to me that it may also maintain a psychological hold over them too.

People tend to be creatures of habit. Changing things up a bit will make her less available to a stalker if he is bent on revenge.

The serial killer may stalk his prey for months, even years to learn their victim's patterns. It's research. Some have even been known to keep notes, schedules and travel maps.

Upon release, the reality is she could very well bump into him at the grocery store. If a person stays a victim in their own heads the outcome of a confrontation will turn out the same results.
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