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#9416 - 06/06/08 05:54 PM CCTV in pubs now - even in the toilets!
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For anyone in the States, the CCTV culture in the UK must come as quite of a shock.

I just visited a pub in Bristol, to find that the owner had, over the last couple of days, consented to fit a whole bunch of new cameras in and outside the pub.

Anyone enjoying a drink there must now do so on camera.

On asking, the brewery had asked that they be fitted to catch people selling cannabis (of which the British PM, Gordon Brown, has recently had the laws toughened for possession).

Not that this even stops the drug dealers - as I found through the grapevine, they just deal in the toilets for now, where there aren't yet cameras (or, after obtaining punters in the pub, take their wares outside in a camera-free meeting place).

More and more pubs are, however, extending their CCTV systems to the toilet (loo) - check out the following article from last summer:

The article lists three British pubs which are happy to film people taking a piss.
A year on, I'm sure the figure has substantially increased.


#9418 - 06/06/08 08:02 PM Re: CCTV in pubs now - even in the toilets! [Re: Meq]
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fuck im glad i don't live their.

the people their have let it get to this point, so really they only have themselves to blame.complacent, broken and scared they are allowing this to happen.your countrymen mequa need to wake up. seems you folks need V to get things going. where is a masked rhyming terrorist when you really need him:)

i wonder how many voyeurs will be applying for the monitoring the bathroom position lol

viva la revolution

#9420 - 06/07/08 04:37 AM Re: CCTV in pubs now - even in the toilets! [Re: Meq]
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Shit! Not only can you not smoke in pubs there now, you can no longer enjoy a private piss! I don't miss that place at all.

The UK is increasingly becoming a voyeuristic culture in general. You only have to channel surf for a few minutes to see it. Aside from the consentual, fame aspiring stuff like Big Brother and all it's little offshoots, there are some that I would say are crossing the line of personal privacy. I saw one called 'Family Forensics' in which one member of a family applies to the show, gets a free holiday for the family and while they're away the house is ransacked by forensics experts, investigators and relationship experts(?) looking through all the drawers, reading diaries, looking at computer activity etc. apparently without the knowledge of the rest of the family. This all culminates in a reveal at the end when the family return. All done on camera, all without the consent of the rest of the family. The justification for this is that they help them 'work through their issues'.

I was under the impression that this media obsession with gawping at other people's problems was courtesy of our American friends. Since we embraced Jerry Springer and his ilk we have been creating more and more of these dirty laundry airing shows.

It's interesting to hear that America doesn't have the same CCTV culture going on outside of the media. Perhaps we just take things a tad too far.

#9433 - 06/08/08 06:00 AM Re: CCTV in pubs now - even in the toilets! [Re: Meq]
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Here's an interesting article by Charles Stross (Accelerando, Iron Sunrise) on technology & privacy in the 21st Century.

"In the UK, today, there are only about four million public CCTV surveillance cameras; I'm asking myself, what is life going to be like when there are, say, four hundred million of them? And everything they see is recorded and retained forever, and can be searched retroactively for wrong-doing."


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