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#119625 - 07/17/19 01:47 PM Re: Religious Animal Sacrifice [Re: fiendish]
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Muslims and Jews arguably practice animal sacrifice regarding Halal and Kosher meat, they say a prayer to God before slaughtering the animal by slitting it's throat open. Halal slaughtered animals have to be facing Mecca so it's a ritualised act of killing they don't just stick a bolt through the back of the skull.

Animal sacrifice if you want to do it 'Satanically' could be something like this.

All you would have there is a barbecue and a fancy dress. If you kill the animal you eat yourself that gives you a certain life awareness you wouldn't normally get just buying meat in a packets in the shops. People would have been doing this for practically millions of years before the last couple of centuries sanitised it behind closed doors.

#119631 - 07/18/19 06:18 PM Re: Religious Animal Sacrifice [Re: Dark One]
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Not exactly. Mass production of meat only follows the ritual of profit. That gives much of life awareness to the butcher, I know. Yet, all we're talking about is the ritual of proteins. Do you need all that proteins? And, is the only source slaughtered animals? No. What I mean is that we've got it all wrong and it's very difficult to change this. There's nothing wrong with meat, I think there's a wrong mentality. I think that if we could change the way we think, animal sacrifice would become a minor matter.
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#119637 - 07/19/19 01:43 AM Re: Religious Animal Sacrifice [Re: fiendish]
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Ritual of profit? That's just side-effect.

Slaughter has become a whole ritual if you look at it.
Pigs, cows, chickens all raised and prepared to be slaughtered from birth. Transported, treated and cared for until the day arrives.

Led in and stung in a trance through various means before being lead to the next chamber where they will be killed as humanly as possible. Cut open, bled out and gutted through precice coordinated cuts (as if automated ritualism) and used up and spreaded among the masses who partake in the sacrifice in order to strengthen and indulge themselves. This, after the whole procession to the supermarket where they can choose which parts they will partake in.

But I get the mentality issue.
Killing and prepping your own meat is an art in itself. "Processed" meat gets another dimension after doing that.

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