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#9769 - 06/23/08 05:04 PM Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you...
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Recently there has been confusion and excuses being thrown around due to people misspelling simple words… Please note while I may use recent examples in this post I am not singling out or trying to make a fool of anyone with this post… If you have the ability to learn and are willing I have no problem with anyone…

To put it simple what is known by most is not known by all, let me point out a few tools that can improve your spelling and everyone’s comfort in reading what is written…

First off before you hit the submit button there is a preview button… This allows you to reread your post and check the formatting before it is submitted… This is free, just like your ability to post here… Respect the privilege…

Why should I reread what I write you might ask? Well on the Internet remember you are nothing but what you write and the impression that your writing and your profile project… So by all means when trying to come off as one of the elite by all means reread what you write and use a tool to help you catch your mistakes… Use of tools is very human and in my eyes does not mean you are weak or unintelligent…

“Sadly one of the simplest things one can do to appear more intelligent or at least show their self respect (that needs no tool) is to capitalize their I when speaking of themselves”…

Some of the tools available;

First I will mention the one that costs some money, unless you are warez savvy… NOTE I am not condoning using anything illegal when there are free alternatives… The first tool that can be used is Micro$$oft WORD… WORD has settings for active spelling and grammar correction as you type… To me typing a post or response in a WORD or similar environment is the most smart and easiest way to clean up and correct your writings… It also has the added benefit of making you spell better…

Now on the free side of WORD we have Which I will admit I have not yet tried but it is supposed to be compatible and similar to WORD and other office programs… Did I mention it is free?

On a simpler side of things there is the Firefox browser… Now what many do not realize is any text input box such as the one you type your response into can be set to spell check by simply right clicking in said box and checking off spell check this field… How simple it this?

Firefox also has many add-ons including but not limited to separate dictionaries… So no excuses that your computer in your native language of French, Galician, or even Esperanto cannot spell check in English… Which is the native language of this forum…

Now on the obscure word that Firefox cannot catch or does not have the correct suggestion for a word a simple copy paste of the word into Google will usually yield results on the proper spelling…

With mention to Google let us not forget what a tool Google itself can be… Google can be used as a spell checker on tough words and it can also be used to define words… Simply type the word define before any word to get a better understanding of the word or phrase you are using or trying to decipher… Google can also be a treasure trove of knowledge to back up any claim you make… If of course it is true…

So before you proclaim yourself a follower of Anton Levey or before you question the number of stars in the solar system, please do a little research with Google before you make a fool of yourself and basically disrespect everyone here reading…

Remember while everyone loves a laugh, intelligent well thought out posts should outweigh the ones full of blather and are nothing more than simple mental masturbation or vomit…

Now lets move on and hopefully all become better posters…

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#9770 - 06/23/08 05:36 PM Re: Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you... [Re: ta2zz]
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Fank U so much fir thes pist i is been gettun a tad weeree of oll the poorilly ritten stuf on heer reesintli speshully whin tha hav some lame ass excyus for it.


#9789 - 06/24/08 07:39 PM Re: Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you... [Re: Mercury_Templar]
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The purpose of this forum is communication. While good spelling and grammar may not be mandatory, it does better enable effective communication.

Google Toolbar has a very handy spell checker as well as being a useful tool in general.

As to bad grammar.... the best thing you can do is read more real books - not crap on the web. At the very least you will get some feel for how sentences are constructed.
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#9801 - 06/26/08 09:59 AM Re: Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you... [Re: Fist]
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Lmao Tatty, your pathetic, you really are. And this ALLL comes from a guy who I myself have seen make mistakes? All this re-read and spell checking, and you still make mistakes? Your eyes must be getting bad...

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#9819 - 06/27/08 03:16 AM Re: Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you... [Re: PigFeeder]
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This one's a joke right?
#10016 - 07/02/08 12:29 AM Re: Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you... [Re: ta2zz]

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thank you for not isolating me in public - i miss spell shit all the time - and you know what - i dont give a fuck - most of the time when i type im in a hurry - and would like to think who reads can get the pic - i dont think grammer is a defining characteristic of what makes a hard core satanist a hard core satanist
hail satanas

#10018 - 07/02/08 01:04 AM Re: Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you... [Re: SATANAS]
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ah your back, and while i agree with you that grammar is certainly not a defining characteristic of a satanist...but

when you are in another's lair show respect or leave.and if you look me up anywhere else on the net my spelling is horrible, as i could care less. but here i use a spell check out of respect for rick and his community as should you.

just type in spellcheck in google the top link will always be this

#10019 - 07/02/08 01:31 AM Re: Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you... [Re: rob_church]
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This thread is tragic and hysterical.
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#10029 - 07/02/08 10:24 PM Re: Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you... [Re: Mercury_Templar]
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Yeah, I wouldn't think spelling to be that big of an issue, hoping to come to intelligent community. That really wasn't hard to read... I guess I'm used to reading poor spelling and general internet speak. Spelling, putting effort into what you write...This shouldn't be a problem. It's sad, really.
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#10061 - 07/03/08 10:23 PM Re: Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you... [Re: ta2zz]
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Other grammatical points I'd like to clarify, in case future and current members didn't make it past 5th grade English:

Always capitalize the following--

The first letter of the first word of a sentence.
When referring to oneself as "I".
Proper nouns, such as names, cities, days of the week, etc.

Break your post up into paragraphs when--

You start a completely new thought that bears no relation to the previous paragraph.
If you plan on expanding on a line of thought in greater detail, so much so that it deserves its own paragraph.

"There"--a place, ie, "She put it over there."
"Their"--plural possessive, ie, "They should put their toys away."
"They're"--Contraction for "They are", ie, "They're crazy."

"Your"--a possessive, ie, "Isn't that your book?"
"You're"--a contraction, "You are", ie, "You're going right now!"

"It's"--contraction for "It is", ie, "It's not unreasonable."
"Its"--a singular possessive, ie, "Its plot is predictable."


There are two spaces after a period, exclamation mark, question mark and a colon (:).
One space after a comma and semicolon (;).

Commas are used to separate ideas within a sentence, without going so far out of left field that you need to start a new sentence. The clause it separates should relate in some way to the general topic of the sentence. When you put more than two commas in a sentence, you run the risk of having a "run on" sentence.

Well, that's all I have to offer at this point. I'm sure I've missed a few key "rules", and if I did, please post them for all to view and learn from.

Punctuation guide
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#10064 - 07/04/08 09:36 AM Re: Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you... [Re: Nemesis]
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English 101 (and all subsequent college level papers) had us use the APA or Chicago writing style:
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#11299 - 09/08/08 05:25 PM Re: Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you... [Re: Fist]
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Wow, this is really interesting to read. I am the worlds worse at spelling sometimes just because I do get in a hurry but I have seen people who seriously can't spell to save their lives.
#11328 - 09/09/08 09:44 PM Re: Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you... [Re: memphischick]
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I must say this is quite an entertaining read.

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#12367 - 10/08/08 02:28 PM Re: Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you... [Re: ta2zz]
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I'm an English major, so my whole body twitches when I read bad grammar and spelling.
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#12688 - 10/15/08 11:31 AM Re: Spelling, this forum, the internet, and you... [Re: The Antagonist]
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I like the idea of promoting good grammatical use. A friend a mine mocks this board on end because of some of it's "elitist" viewpoints on spelling, but I personally highly encourage it. This is what seperates our board from all those pointless pothead riddled message boards such as Flamahuas. This board does what it can to support intelluctual discussion, this place would be a mess if bad behavior was tolerated.

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