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#999 - 10/09/07 11:14 AM 8 More Deaths Due To HPV Vaccine
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This vaccine contains live cancer virus and only protects you from FOUR of the 2000 strains of the HPV Virus. Educate your women. Knowledge is the only true weapon you have.


8 more deaths connected to HPV vaccine
Adverse reactions from Gardasil number in thousands
Posted: October 6, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern


Another eight deaths in just the past few months are being connected to Gardasil, Merck & Co.'s vaccine that targets the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus and is being considered by many states as mandatory for all schoolgirls, according to documents released by Judicial Watch.

There also have been another 1,824 adverse reactions to the drug, bringing the "known total" of such problems to 3,461, according to the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption.

"In light of this information, it is disturbing that state and local governments might mandate in any way this vaccine for young girls," said Tom Fitton, the group's president. "These adverse reactions reports suggest the vaccine not only causes serious side effects, but might even be fatal."

WND previously has reported how Merck was lobbying state lawmakers to require the vaccination, but gave that up after its activities were unveiled.

WND also reported when a key researcher into human papillomavirus, which is targeted by Gardasil, reported it needed more testing, and how even the Centers for Disease Control suggested the vaccine should not be mandatory.

Follow link for full story.

Read about this great Patriot and Vote!

#1528 - 11/07/07 12:56 PM Re: 8 More Deaths Due To HPV Vaccine [Re: MCSA TEK]
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Yes sir, and other vaccines most likely caused Autism in children like we had discussed previously.

I've also read that the main reason for this is that the vaccines aren't properly mixed. So that means that these victims probably received the bottom end of a vaccine mix.

I'm just a layman when it comes to the medical field, but that almost smells of negligence.

#1667 - 11/10/07 12:27 PM Vaccines [Re: Sinistar]
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It is worth weighing up the pros and cons before opting to take a vaccine. This requires unbiased information and an objective viewpoint (or as close to that as one can humanly achieve).

I have personally decided to take the flu vaccine, and I'd recommend it to anyone who can get it (medical grounds notwithstanding).
The reduced risk of getting flu (and reduced intensity if you are unlucky) greatly outweighs the side effects of this vaccine.
I've talked to a lot of people here (mostly on the phone luckily) who have already caught flu or other nasty illnesses.

There is also the natural way - healthy exercise and diet to boost the immune system.
Recommended during a winter epidemic of colds, flu and other bugs.
If you live somewhere warm, I'd recommend keeping fit before visiting the UK or anywhere cold in the winter.

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