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#9996 - 07/01/08 05:22 PM Regarding Obama expanding faith based programs.
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Regarding Obama expanding faith based programs.

I swear, I am so sick of this faith based federal funding. I am almost ready to make up a social program based upon satanic ideals to make people take responsibility for their lifes and get their shit together.
Put together a business model, out-reach network, with ties into community groups, job programs, schools, after-school programs, and medical outpatient testing.
Along with a Satanic responsibility support group.

Then see how much federal funding they give up.
If they refuses, sue on religious discrimation, and thus either the program gets funding or none of them do.

Any ideas, thoughts, comments....

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#10095 - 07/05/08 07:49 PM Re: Regarding Obama expanding faith based programs. [Re: Morgan]
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On the surface, this seems like simple pandering to the churchies. On closer inspection there is a bit more to it.

For Obama and his kind, this is a win-win. Firstly, he can throw a bone to all of the churchies who's support he will need to win the general election. His old Chicago crew like Rev Wright will be sure to get their fair share of this graft. And of course, they will be in a much better financial position to give a generous campaign contribution to the Obama PAC. And so it goes, one hand washes the other...

Then, we have to understand what he means by 'expanding' the program. This might sound as if they simply plan to increase this programs size and scope. And, yes, they do plan to give more of your money away to churches. However, this money will come with strings attached. In order to qualify for the money, a church must agree to public hiring practices. You see, as private organizations they can pretty much hire and fire as they see fit. A Xtian organization is free to only hire members in good standing. Under the 'expanded' Faith Based Initiative, these same organizations will be required use the standard public hiring practices and employment standards. In other words, an openly Satanic, pro-choice, lesbian could freely work for the Catholic Church and if the Church wanted the money they would just have to deal with it!

At this level of politics your are dealing with people who are quite skilled at gaming the system and playing both ends against the middle. Obama's gift is that he can say anything and make it sound good to everybody.

The question is, who is going to vote against 'expanding' the Faith Based Initiatives? And you would think a LHP church would have applied to get their fair share of this. Samael old organization was a 501(c)3 corp. I wonder if he has explored this?
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#10176 - 07/11/08 07:50 PM Re: Regarding Obama expanding faith based programs. [Re: Fist]
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Sounds good Fist.

Oh and I'm sure the fact that Obama had a strict Muslim upbringing had something to do with this also...the more they fling dirt the bigger a candidates mouth gets, this is why a lot of them end up in a hole so deep they can't dig their way out of it.

I'd say this kind of pandering would only undermine the true economical problems at hand, focus and time shouldn't be wasted and most likely won't be on things of this nature.

That's why politicians are "liars".

Perhaps when the time is right.
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